Property Type

Single Family/2-8 


Condos Mided Use (50%+ Residential) No Seasonal/Vacation Rentals/AirBnb Allowed

Loan Amounts

$50,000 - $20,000,000 +

Loan Types

30-Yr Fixed Rate Mortgage (Fully Amortizing)

5/1, 7/1 And 10/1 Hybrid ARMs (Partial IO Or Fully Amortizing)

Term Length 

30 Years

Maximum Loan to Cost (LTC)

If Owned > 180 Days, No LTC Limit

If Owned < 90 Days, 80% Of Purchase Price

If Owned Between 91 And 180 Days, Additional 5% Haircut On 

Max Allowable LTV

Rental Home.JPG

Minimum Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Single Property: 1.20x (Gross Rent/PITIA)


Non-Recourse With Bad Boy Carveouts & Pledge Of Equity 

Minimum Guarantor FICO 

Single Property: 620

Lease/Rent Requirements

Leased Units: Lower Of In-Place Rent & Market Rent

Unleashed Units: 90% Of Market Rent

Competitive loan rates.  Finance your rental property with Remedy Mortgage.  Find the right rental loan program for you & apply with one of Remedy's professionals today.  Purchase, Refinance, or Build.  We provide 30 Year Term Mortgage. 5/1 , 10/1, 30/30 Year Fixed to Adjustable terms.  Our loans can be interest only for up to 10 years which creates much great short term cashflow for the investor.  Majority of banks will not provide this loan product.  Our lending solutions for single family rental homes are flexible for your individual needs.  Single Family Residences (SFR); 2-4 unit propertiesl Condos; Townhomes.  Non-Owner Occupied

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