Loan Products | Rental Portfolios  

Property Types

Single Family/2-8 


Condos Mided Use (50%+ Residential) No Seasonal/Vacation Rentals/AirBnb Allowed

Loan Amounts

$75,000 - $20,000,000 +

Loan Types

30-Yr Fixed Rate Mortgage (Fully Amortizing)

5/1, 7/1 And 10/1 Hybrid ARMs (Partial IO Or Fully Amortizing)

Term Length 

30 Years

Maximum Loan to Cost (LTC)

If Owned > 180 Days, No LTC Limit

If Owned < 90 Days, 80% Of Purchase Price

If Owned Between 91 And 180 Days, Additional 5% Haircut On 

Max Allowable LTV


Max Lot To As-Is Value (Subject to Qualifying FICO) 

Purchase/Rate Term Refinance: 75% 

Cash Out Refinance: 70% 

Minimum Debt Service Coverage Ratio

1.20x (Net Cash Flow/Debt Service)


Non-Recourse With Bad Boy Carveouts & Pledge of Equity

Minimum Guarantor FICO 


Lease/Rent Requirements 

Minium Occupancy Rate Of 90% By Unit Count

Single-family rental portfolios contain more than one house, condo, or townhome.  In other words, investors can purchase several residential income properties in one transaction.  Buying a single-family rental property portfolio can quickly expand your commercial real estate footprint.  The rapid rise of home prices has prompted many people to rent, rather than purchase, single-family homes.  This trend has created opportunities for real estate investors, who may prefer single-family rental portfolios.  The right single family portfolio of rental properties can be a wise investment. 

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