REMEDY MORTGAGE is a direct lender with a target focus at Single Family Rental (SFR) and Multifamily properties.  Remedy consists of highly successful professionals with a proven track record and deep roots to global debt capital.   Our institutional background enables our firm to bring Wall Street to Main Street in a strong initiative to help our investors scale ownership of single family rental houses and multifamily buildings.   


After an initial phone call with a Remedy loan advisor, the advisor will send a checklist of items needed to underwrite the loan request.   Our focus is heavily on the asset and less sponsorship/landlord financials.


Our underwriters analyze each loan, and make quick decisions.  Our loan advisors than strategize with our borrowers to determine which loan product best fits their  scenario.   All Third Party National Appraisal Services on demand with typical 7 day turnaround times, making our remedy extra efficient. 


Our analysis will determine a price risk catered to the pretermined loan structure chosen during our underwriting process tied to that specific loan scenario.  Remedy will immediately turnaround a proposal after approved by the chief credit officer. 



Get Benefits That Meet Your Needs
Certified Appraisals

We hire independent third party national appraisal services on demand with typical 7 day turnaround times, making our remedy faster and more efficient than our competitors.    Should you have an appraisal that was completed within the last 6 months, we maybe able to accept this appraisal or get updated for a discounted cost.     



  • The markets just experienced the worst correction since the great depression.  The need for private money in the market reaches a desperate time.  
  • Our leadership begins discussion to start a platform geared toward the single family rental market
  • The idea of Remedy Mortgage is born.  A firm that focuses on smaller to middle markets, providing several commercial type loan products.
The Idea is born
Design of Loan Products
  • Remedy identifies under served markets 
  • Implementing commercial loan underwriting for single family rental homes 
  • Multiple options designed for every aspect of  family home rental landlords 
Remedy Launches
  •  Origination Platform Kicks Off
  •  Marketing Efforts In Place
  •  Targeting Urban Core MSA Nationwide
Database Begins
  • Residential Mortgage Brokers Nationwide  
  • Regional Banking Relationships 
  • Residential Sales Agents Nationwide
  • High Net worth private investors 
  • General Contractors
Funds Secured
  • Remedy secures Funds to back all              designed loan products
  • East Coast origination team Established
  • West Coast origination team Established