Loan Amount

$50,000 - $2,000,000

Maximum Loan To Cost (Land)

50% Of Purchase And 100% Of

Rehab Costs

Maximum Loan To Cost (Permitted Project)

65% OF Purchase And 100% Of Rehab Costs

Maximum Loan to Value

65% Of After Renovated Value

Term Length

Up To 24 Months


Full Recourse

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The build-to-rent business is growing fast.  Remedy Mortgage has rental loans custom built for real estate investors.  Remedy Mortgage's rental property loan programs provide investors of all experience levels the ability to purchase, rehab, refinance, cash-out, as well as entire portfolios.   Single-family rentals represent 54% of the rental market.  There is an immediate and growing demand for workforce and affordable housing.  There has never been a better time to invest in SFRs, one of the fastest-growing property classes.   Enjoy easier financing, faster closing times, and fewer regulations.  Local market expertise nationwide.  Still growing your single-family rental portfolio?  Remedy's in-house bridge loan platform can provide you with the short-term financing necessary to scale up your portfolio in order to qualify for a long-term SFR portfolio solution. 

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